​Alpine Scenic Jeep Tours


What is the best tour?  ​That depends on several factors.  From late May until late June we usually recommend  Yankee Boy Bonus Corkscrew Pass and or Engineer Pass.  These tours top out near 13,000 feet, have great views and get the snow plowed off of them early in the year.  Beginning in July Imogene Pass (our most difficult) and the Yankee Boy Bonus (our least difficult) will be clear of snow.  If you are looking for our famous wildflowers we can point you to the right tour.  The wildflowers peak in different locations at different times.  We pay close attention to where the best flowers are and will do our best to take you to them.  If you have questions please call.  We answer phones till 9pm!

Can I book online

Yes.  Just click the "book online" button and you will be walked through the booking process.  It is quick, easy, secure free.  It is also the best way to collect your booking info in the most accurate fashion.

When I try to book I am told there is a 3 person minimum

We do require a minimum of three guests to send a trip out.  During the months of May, September and October we sometimes will not have clients booked.  If you are a couple and want to book a trip you will be charged for three persons.  If someone else books you will be refunded for the extra person.  If no one else books you will receive a private tour at a very discounted price.  If our Jeep Rubicon is available we will give your tour in this vehicle.

I don't see the tour I want or was not able to book online.  How do I book it?

We do sell out at times.  If you don't see the trip you want give us a call, we are here to help, 970-318-6513. Often we can free up space we for you .  We also offer affordable private tours in the event a group tour is full or unavailable.

Do you still go out if it is raining?

Usually yes.  If safety is an issue we do not go out.  It is rare for rain or thunderstorms to last for more than an hour in the San Juan Mountains.  All vehicles have a great rain cover, wind/rain screen and heated seats.  We have blankets and ponchos as well.  If visibility is limited at higher elevations we tour various locations down lower so you can see.  We keep you warm and dry.

Are there restrooms along the tour?

Yes.  The US Forest Service has port-o-potties at several different locations.  Please try to go before the trip though.  Alpine Scenic Tours has a small restroom at our office but again try to go ahead of time.

Do you stop to see different things?

Yes.  Your guide stops at many locations for photos but we also go for short walks to get close looks at waterfalls, wildflowers or mining ruins.  During wildflower season guests sometimes like to just take all in for a bit, so we spend some time for that too.

Will I get car sick or altitude sick?

Due to the open air seating area guests never get motion sickness...really.  Some guest get a little hard of breath hiking around but are walks are short, slow and relatively flat.  Most folks handle it just fine.  Many guests know their limitations and elect to stay on the vehicle during a excursion.

I am afraid of heights.  Are there cliffs or drop offs?

Yep, there sure are, but not everywhere and not all of the time. Some guests like the middle seat to limit exposure to these areas.  There are not any areas where the vehicle is forced to be right on the edge of things.  There is plenty of room to navigate.  Our guides and vehicles are the best available.  Some guests start out a little nervous and end up saying that things were not as scary as they thought.  We also get many compliments on our driving skills.  Feel free to call Michael at 970-318-6513 to get a better idea of what your tour will be like.

Where is your office located?

Our office is located at 920 Main Street in Ouray.  We are in Unit 3, it's on the left as you look at it from Main Street.  There are signs on Main Street guiding you in.  We share office space with Canyoning Colorado, another top notch adventure guiding service. Stop by the office to check in and we will get you seated.

Can I bring young children?

Sure!  Our bucket seats accommodate car seats and or booster seats.  Alpine has taken kids around 1 year old.  Some parents prefer a private tour in our Jeep Rubicon for their younger children.  The Jeep has a elevated rear seat for kids or smaller folk that gives a great view. 

What is your cancellation policy?

​We ask minimum of 48 hours if you need to cancel or change your trip.  We realize things can happen and will work with you if your plans change. As mentioned above trips go out rain or shine, however, If your guide or management determines that  conditions are unsafe  for a tour your trip fare will be fully refunded.  If you have to cancel your tripin less than 48 hours you will be charged $100 or half of your tour charge, whichever is less.     No shows or less than 24 hour  cancellations are charged normal trip fee.

Can I bring the dog?

Sometimes yes.  We can only small well mannered lap dogs on our group tours.  There is just not any room for larger dogs.  We have tried to take larger dogs in the past and they just don't like the experience.  The motion of the truck on 4x4 roads do not allow them to lie down and they slide around when standing.  Not much fun for them.  We do allow one dog up to 65 lbs on our private tours.  We can set up a dog bed in the rear compartment of the jeep to keep them comfy.  You must call us first to get approval for your pet prior to booking.

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