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Engineer/California/Hurricane/Corkscrew Pass loop.

The best portions of the Alpine Loop.  This tour is available as a private 6 hour tour only.  5 person max.  

Engineer Pass is one of Colorado's iconic mountain passes.  Not for the faint of heart!  This is the most challenging trip Alpine offers,  a true 4x4 adventure.  From Ouray this pass climbs to 12,800 feet above sea level and enjoys 360 degree views for miles.  The trip continues down to the historic ghost town of Animas Forks then back up to California, Hurricane and Corkscrew Pass.  This tour traverses the heart of the San Juan Mountains!  Early departures only  Please call for details or to book.

Yes your dog can come!  We also supply dog bed and lanyard so they stay put.

Silver Basin is a special place and a favorite of our clients and staff.  Our highly modified tour vehicles allow us access to this challenging trail. This seldom visited alpine wonderland surrounds you with towering jagged peaks, placid glacial lakes and wonderful secluded waterfalls.  Wildflowers are second to none from mid July to mid August.  If time allows your tour can also visit portions of Yankee Boy Basin or Imogene's up to you. Mention Silver Basin when you book your private tour.

Tour length: 4 hours

​Corkscrew Pass and Beyond........  ​4 hour tour

$65 per seat

Just a few miles up the road from Ouray lies the historic and colorful Red Mountain Mining district and Corkscrew Pass.  This tour ascends to 13,000' featuring astounding 360 degree views.

Created by ancient volcanic activity, this unique mountain landscape boasts colors unsurpassed

in the Rocky Mountains.  This tour centers on Corkscrew Pass and visits various scenic lakes,

historic mining ruins, small ghost town (time permitting)  and grand vistas throughout the Red Mountains.  This tour is a guide favorite!


Imogene Pass:    

This trip tour is a high altitude scenic rollercoaster topping out at 13,114' for wonderful 360 degree views. Imogene Pass is also known for fields of wildflowers (July-August), multiple waterfalls and historic mining ruins.  We always make multiple stops along the way so you can get out and see the beauty up close.

From the top of the pass you can take in the panorama including three major river basins and ten 14,000' peaks on a clear day.   

Imogene is not for the faint of heart.  The road is rugged and there are steep drop offs.  If you would like similar high altitude views without the exposure we recommend customizing a trip in the Corkscrew Pass area.  Mention either area when you book your private tour.

Silver Basin:

Please call to book same day or next day tours.



Customize your tour or choose from a few of our popular destinations listed below.

​You can also let your guide find the best spots for you!

​Alpine Scenic Tours

​Lake and waterfall in Silver Basin.

​​Yankee Boy ​Basin BONUS:    

 TWO TOURS and 3 Basins IN ONE!  ​ 3.5 hour tour!

$60 per seat    

"Bonus" you ask?  The  Bonus Tour visits Yankee Boy Basin and its famous waterfalls, wild flowers, and mining ruins. Our tour continues on where the others turn around. The bonus is a visit to either GOVERNOR BASIN,SYDNEY BASIN, SILVER BASIN, UPPER YANKEE BOY BASIN or portions of IMOGENE PASS.  This trip traverses a huge variety of terrain and scenery that others miss. These basins connect via jeep road to Yankee Boy Basin but are far less travelled.  The "Bonus" tour will take you to wonderful places few visit or know of.  Our guides are the experts on finding you the best scenery on the day of your tour and we love to share the hidden gems.  When you book let us know what you are most interested in seeing in space provided so we can customize your tour.   You WILL see stunning waterfalls on this tour.   




Let Alpine's talented guides share our fabulous mountain scenery at your own pace, in comfort.  We CUSTOMIZE your tour to what YOU want to see or choose from a few popular tours listed below.   No two tours are ever the same. Private tours are 4 hours long but can be extended at your request.

  Groups 3-5 will be traveling in a convertible (open air) Jeep Gladiator.  Groups of 2-3 will travel in the convertible (open air) Jeep Rubicon.  The Gladiator can seat 3 comfortably in the main passenger compartment and two in the rear bucket seat passenger compartment.  If you have a group of 4 you can really spread out by having 2 up front and 2 in the rear bucket seats!  ONLY Alpine has an open air cab, rear bucket seats, safety roll cage and a rain covering.


  Larger private tours (7-10) travel in our famous Dodge Ram tour trucks.  Our tour trucks have comfortable bucket seats.     


​  Private tours are great for photographers, families or groups who want to travel and their own pace.  Our guides will recommend their favorite spots to visit or we can take your requests.  It is up to you!  Bring snacks, drinks or your dog (contact Alpine prior to booking regarding dogs. Our private tour jeep is equipped with a dog bed in the rear seating area.)

   See as much as you can or just loiter in a field of wildflowers, it's up to you.

2 guests, $310,  3 guests $335, 4 guests $350,  5 guests $430,  6 guests $490, 7 guests $520,  8-10 guests $540

Please note;  Our private tours are 4 hours.  If you request your tour to extend past 4 hours you will need to let us know when you reserve or prior to your trip.  Extended trips are billed hourly past 4 hours.  Call or email for details.