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Imogene Pass

Join us in COMFORT for a high altitude iconic pass run!

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Join Alpine Scenic 4×4 on a true adventure to remember!

Imogene pass is debatably the most iconic high elevation pass in the heart of the San Juans. We tour in comfort here at Alpine, and you will always receive a custom Corbeau bucket seat when you hop on one of our highly modified group tour trucks! Imogene pass is a real 4×4 trail, and therefore demands time and respect. So, ditch the bench seats other companies employ and fly first class with us. This trail truly has it all.

Unlike the other 4 hour tours you will find in Ouray, we spend 5 hours to get you up to 13,144ft and back down comfortably and safely; an elevation gain of over 5,000ft. This additional hour gives us time to show you other attractions on the tour – such as the red mountain overlook, upper and lower camp bird mine, yellow rose falls, and more! The Waterfalls on this tour are some of the best in the area, most notably yellow rose falls! Yellow Rose usually serves as a great spot to exit the tour truck for a short walk to the falls, if desired. Photo opportunities abound on this tour.

Each Imogene tour runs a bit differently, but you will always have time to stop and view the amazing wildlife. Black bears are most commonly spotted on this run with bighorn sheep and moose as the runner ups. We love wildlife! We love wildflowers! There will also be time to stop and smell the flowers! Yankee boy basin is known as the flower mecca in the San Juans…but is it?  You will view and photograph flowers on Imogene Pass long after Yankee boy basin has seen its glory every season. This is due in part to the higher elevation and cooler temps encountered here. Our guides love showing our incredible flora and fauna with you on your ride.

All of our tour trucks are equipped with PA systems for your enjoyment! Your guide will be able to relay  points of interest, wildlife, geology and more via intercom while you tour. You will experience amazing views throughout this tour, getting ever more breathtaking as you ascend the pass. Once you have crested out at the top, many clear sky days boast 100 plus mile panoramic views! You’ll see the La Sal mountain range far to the west, boarding Utah. Spin around and see the mighty San Juans and Mt. Sneffels, our resident 14-er to the north. Gaze south and stand in awe toward the mighty Wemineuc range.

We love interacting with our guests. Our guides are as personable as they are kind – you’ll tour with someone you feel like you have known for years. While you are mesmerized by the world class views, you may find yourself caught up in hearing a tale or two of incredible historic events and accounts of early mining life!  Your guide will talk about mining history, especially when interest is shown!

If you are new to off road exploration or a seasoned adventurer, this 4×4 trail will have you on the edge of your seat at times. You will experience water crossings, traverse across off camber rocks, and navigate over shelf roads before making the summit! This is our high Adventure Tour! It is THE premier tour of Ouray and the San Juans. Everyone will find something to their liking on this trail. Whether you are out to see waterfalls and wildflowers or want to scout Imogene for your next adventure – we welcome you! First class suspension and first class seats are the only way to make this run. We look forward to guiding you on this one!


*Please note that climbing above 13,000ft via 4×4 typically takes place from late June to September. This trail is one of the last to be plowed and will be one of the first to become snow locked. Inclement weather may be encountered when traveling in any Alpine environment. Our tour trucks are outfitted with a full length awning which your guide will deploy when needed. Your truck is stocked with blankets and ponchos to keep passengers warm and dry, if needed. We recommend wearing long pants, closed toe shoes, and bringing a decent jacket when traveling in the alpine – no matter the time of year.  When touring during early and late seasons, it is wise to layer your clothing and bring extra gear such as a warm jacket, rain jacket, gloves and hat.