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Private Truck Tour

Quick Details

4 Hour Private Tour
6 Hour Private Tour

These tours are great for groups larger than five guests. Each truck accommodates up to ten guests. We provide nine individual Corbeau seats which are fabricated onto a custom flatbed. The tenth seat will be in the cab of your truck. Whether you know you have a group of ten or you have a group of say six, seven, or eight these trucks are great because they are priced at a flat rate. We see a lot of clients who are unsure of what their headcount will be for their group at the time of booking. This is absolutely understandable. You have the flexibility to bring up to ten guests. Best of all these excursions are fully customizable. Your tour truck and experienced guide will be able to create a one off adventure for you and your group in the San Juans. You will be able to build your own tour and spend your time touring at your own pace.

We have permits to over a dozen amazing trails in the Uncompahgre National Forest and beyond. Some of the trails/locations we access are: Imogene pass-Ouray side, Silver Basin, Sydney Basin, Governor Basin, Upper and lower Yankee Boy Basin, Engineer pass, Corkscrew pass, Cinnamon pass, Hurricane pass, California pass, ghost towns of Ironton, Animas Forks and Red Mountain Mining District. There are an infinite number of ways to spend your time on a private excursion. Some of these trails require 4-6 hours to tour at an enjoyable pace, Imogene pass coming to mind first. Guests routinely mix and match different locations to their liking. We offer these private tours in 4 and 6 hour increments. If you are unsure of what you can accomplish within a given amount of time feel free to give us a call and we are more than happy to go over a timeline with you. Your timeline always remains flexible and after meeting your guide he/she will ask you what you would like to see, what your objectives are, what your specific interests are and then create a tour for you.

If you are considering having a small wedding or elopement this is the right tour for you. We often see clients use these tours for memorials,mountain climbing shuttles,corporate or team building exercises, fall photography workshops, men and women’s clubs, senior citizens clubs, family reunions or simply larger groups. You tour at your own pace within your private group. Some clients are more adventurous and would like to see all that they can and spend more time motoring vs. touring at a slower pace. If you have children or members of your group who would like to stop and explore side areas the time is yours to use as you see fit. We see it done a multitude of different ways! Your guide of course will steer you in the right direction, throughout your tour!

Our custom well equipped tour trucks are built in house and are second to none. Know what you are getting before you go! Our mantra is safety and our focus is comfort and that allows you to have fun! Individual suspension seats are one of our hallmarks. When traveling in an off road environment what you are sitting on makes a world of difference. We constantly receive comments from customers stating how our seats are better than what is in a new car! Your tour truck also comes packed full of other details that have been purposely thought out with you in mind. We offer ergonomically designed step systems built into the truck that help you enter and exit while on tour. Every tour truck comes with a supplemental step stool and a patient guide that will lend a hand should a guest need assistance. Once you have entered your truck and have chosen a seat you will immediately feel comfortable and secure! Our trucks have permanent built in wind screens to provide a higher level of comfort while travelling in the alpine. We also offer permanent built in rain covers which your guide can quickly deploy. Rain covers are constructed from a clear material so you will still have ambient light when they are in use. Every truck has supplemental outdoor blankets available for additional comfort. Although your average pace of travel will be 5-10 mph, all of our trucks come equipped with real rollover protection and seat belts for peace of mind. Our suspension systems are built to provide the smoothest ride using the finest combination of custom and top of the line springs and shocks. Feel free to ask your guide to explain how anything functions on your tour truck. He or she will be delighted to show you our passion of building and providing the ultimate vehicles for you and your family!